Thursday, December 1, 2016

40 questions

1 - Ex or Exes? Haha. Past is past. Have to admit that I've already move on. First date? I was 16. But to be honest,we can call it puppy love.

2 - Accounts? Bank account? Or media social account? Well,I will answer both. Bank account - Maybank (personal),CIMB (for business purpose) & Bank Islam (PTPTN) Lol. Media social account that I have ( Instagram,Facebook,Twitter)

3 - A secret is a secret so I dont think that I can write about it here. Sorry.

4 - He is loving. He loves to hug me whenever he wants. He know how to makes me happy. Love him.

5 - "Suka ye?"

6 - All the singing competition show! Because I love to sing and I like to see people singing.

7 - I'm not a fan of cartoon show and series. Not sure why. Because to me their story lines are quite ridiculous?

8 - Siblings! Haha. Because we spend time quite often. Husband? Sometimes. He's been very busy lately we have lack of time to spend together. So sad.

9 -  A lot. I want a new handphone. Iphone. I want to travel with loves. I want to have a house. I want a new car. And the list goes on.

10 - Media social. Haha.

11 - Crazy? I was early 20. Me and several friends planned to lepak at the beach till morning. Then things went crazy because two drunken Arab starts to disturb me. He said that he wants me. I was so scared and then things went out of control when a friend of mine ( a guy I cant remember his name. Ali maybe) punching that Arab's face until he fell down. No he's not dead. Fainted,maybe. His friends quickly angkat their friend and leave. Oh my.

12 - 5 turn ons? Mini Cooper + A guy with beard and nice smell + Coffee smell + Kisses kahkahkah + guy with good heart

13 - Guy with cigarette's smell + Selfish asshole + Attention seekers + Fake friends + people who has no respect

14 - I saw my ex 2 weeks ago with his wife. So awkward but I feel so glad that he is happy with his new girl. I am.

15 - Allah is the best planner,after you put 100% of effort,pray that leave the rest to God.

16 - I am a year older than my husband. To me age is just a number. The most important things is the maturity and how you handle the marriage life.

17 - Tired - With office works and business. Thinking about going on a holiday with husband just to forget everything.

18 -  "Days grow longer and nights grow shorter. I can show you I'll be the one" My favourite song. Thank you for dedicating this song to me.

19 - Several times. My ex. Long Distance Relationship so it's kinda hard to monitor. He has someone else.That's why he doesn't allowed me to have Facebook account. But I have. A fake account. So one day,I stalk his friend,I was so shock to see that he has a Facebook account and double shock because on his bio (he's in a relationship with ***************) Oh my dear. I cried so bad and I confront him. Okay not gonna write more on this. Haha. 

20 - If you decided to cheated on someone,please do it well so that you won't get busted in the end and look stupid. 

21 - What account? Erm,it's up to you but I always apply the honesty - is - the - best - policy. Totallt not cool when people found out that you're lying about your life in order to look good,to impress the people. Just be you. Be yourself.

22 - Nah. What I tweet,what i wriete usually I never hide the facts. That is me. When I get angry,I will tweet angrily and I dont really care bout other people judging me based on my captions or tweets because I,too judge people. So,i don't really give a damn.

23 - Who are you?

24 - Cutest thing or sweetest thing isn't it? Well,someone oh no no,at least 3 people told me. That it is very hard to move on and forget me. They said that I was the sweetest person they have ever met. Haha. Okay and now? They already get married and have kid. Alhamdulillah. At least I know that I have special things that makes people remember me. 

25 - I met with an accident. It was so bed - have to use wheelchair for 2 weeks and tongkat. It was bad. Since then,I can't stand wearing heels. I walk in flat and sandal now. To feel comfortable.

26 -  Yes of course. Of course.

27 - Smuterpe? Sorry have to google on this. Gosh. Adult content? Nope!

28 - No and never. Not interested.

29 - Well,there are times where I think that older guys are attractive. HAHA. But now,I have a husband and I love him so much <3

30 - About my skin condition. Well,I don't have flawless skin. But I can't help it when people keep commenting that I have good skin. Hmm. No.

31 - About money. Haha I'm struggling on my financial right now. 

32 - Perfect date is where you have a midnight walk together,enjoying night view,stars and moon and the the guy bring me to a place where there is a table with candle. Well,having a candle light dinner under the sky is the best thing a guy can plan to touch my heart. Seriously. Because I'm not the type who loves gadget / luxury stuff etc,I'm not into material things like that. I just want to have a nice and sweet conversation while holding hands,drinking coffee and hugging till morning. Love that.

33 - I like kids,babies and thinking about having one or two kids next year? Lol. I did ask my husband bout kids but then we both agree that Allah has better plan for us. Yeah,I.m not very sure what to feel write now. We're happily married and having no kids after two years of marriage? We never talk about that seriously. I guest that one day,Insyaallah. Kamelia for girl and Kameel for boy? Haha.

34 -  If I have the right to choose,I want two kids. A girl and a boy or twin? haha. 

35 - Katsaridaphobia -  please google! Well,since kid until forever.

36 - You? My husband? Well,I really hope that my husband could make an effort to fulfill my wishlist. He knows. Because all this time I keep repeating the same request. At one point,I stop. Because if he really wants,he will do it immediately so that I dont have to talk about the same things many times. Forcing someone to do things they are not willing to do is like erm,no use. Yeah.

37 - Fears. Im afraid of losing the people that I love. Thinking about losing my parents,my husband,my siblings is hard. I don't want to loose them. If God wants to take them,please take me as well. I can never imagine my life without them. 

38 - Makeup. Nowadays,there are certain people keep on bashing people who apply makeup to look good. Well to me,if by applying makeup can boost your mood and makes you feel good,just do it. Furthermore,we are using our own money so it has nothing to do with you. And we're applying makeup on our face not yours so stay away and just keep your thoughts,in your head. 

39 - Nahh,I think that zodiac / blood type / etc has nothing to do with your personality. 

40 - Lastt! I would like to ask my husband. What it feels like to have a wife like me? I always wanted to see you smile. Even if there are times you get mad about stupid things,accidentally makes me hurt with your words but suddenly you feel regret and hug me and appologize. What it feels like to have me? The one that is willing to do anything and everything for you even if I have to sacrifice my whole life. What it feels like? 

P/s : Sorry pada sesiapa yang terasa. Hehe.


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