Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Happy 2nd Anniversary to me and Joe

So last night I slept early. Joe pun takde,dia jumpa client until 1. Tengah tidur tetiba rasa macam ada orang berbisik

Sayang,happy anniversary,kita dah 2 tahun kawen. Sounds so happy. Me too,of course.

So today,early morning Joe dah keluar. Kena pergi Tanjung Malim ada meeting projek Masjid tu. He kissed me good morning and go. Tadi terharu sangat Joe hantar whatsapp. I cried.

Isteriku. Alhamdulillah it has been two years since i cried infront of everyone when I was about to take a big responsibility in my life. I'm sorry if i've hurt you so many times for past two years. I'm sorry I couldn't provide you a comfortable life as a wife for the past two years. Everyday, im working my ass off so that sooner or later I could make you happier than before. There's nothing else I think about when I woke up every single day to go to work and find opportunities just tu build a wonderful life for you. I am very thankful that for the past not so good 2 years for me, you always been there for me. You always stick by my side and understand my situation. There would be no other woman that can replace you in my heart.

Thanks sayang for the great 2 years. There's many more to come and I hope you will always be by my side. I love you so much sayang.

Nangis :'( I love you,husband. It felt like yesterday since our first date. I love every single thing about you and I accepted you just the way you are. I understand your situation,I never asked for anything because I understand your current situation but to be honest, I am so happy to be with you. I know we can survive,thru ups and downs. I love you so much. Aturan Allah adalah yang terbaik. You're my soulmate insyaallah sampai Jannah.

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