Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Fragile heart

How am I supposed to do? I have tons of problems at this moment and don't know where to start. My mind keep telling me to stay strong. But my heart goes fragile day by day. There are times where I feel like I want to leave everyone and everything,feel like I should go out of this town - go to a place where I can live with strangers. I'm at my office right now,with thousands things keep on distracting my mind. My husband in in KL. I have lots of work to do,with so little time,with several people dah mencari. Bukan Along duit okay tapi customers. Motivation untuk menjahit dah menurun sikit tapi aku kena buat jugak. I just need someone that can give me a very warm hug and lemme cry on his shoulder. I am fragile. Getting more fragile each day. I am so sorry for those that affected by my attitude. I am sorry. I just couldn' handle the fact that I have lots of problems.

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